Monday, May 16, 2016

Choose the Giver Movie


I think that The Giver movie is better than the book. My first reason is that it is hard to visualize the real picture that the book describes but when you watch the movie you can visualize it even better, the second reason is that the movie is almost like the Hunger Games series and I like the Hunger Games series, and finally the third reason is that in the movie the Chief Elder gives the story more of a conflict.                 

The first reason I think that the movie is better than the book is that since the book is really confusing when it comes to picturing things in the book well the movie helps you picture everything even better than it does in the book. One way that it helps you visualise scenes in the book is in the part at the ceremony of 12 when everyone got their job I pictured everything very different from the movie but now that I saw the movie I know what it looks like.

The second reason why the movie is better than the book is because it is almost like the Hunger Games series and I really like the Hunger Games. One of the ways it is like the Hunger Games is because in The Giver when they decide their job that is like the part in the Hunger Games series when they choose who is doing the Hunger Games. Although, another way they are similar is that they all have their training for the Hunger Games it similar to when they have their training for their job in The Giver.

The third reason why The Giver book is better than the movie is because the Chief Elder in the book wasn’t much of a conflict but in the movie the Chief Elder was a huge conflict. The Chief Elder was more of a conflict in the book because when everyone in the community got their memory back everyone's memories were happy but the Chief Elders memories were all about people getting hurt and war.

In conclusion, I think that I have proven to you that the Giver movie is better than the book because the movie helps the reader or watcher visualize what happens in the book and movie, also that the movie is just like the Hunger Games and I like the Hunger Games, and finally the Chief Elder makes a bigger conflict in the movie.

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