Tuesday, December 8, 2015

English Project ASOT

Emma Kawaoka      The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side
Period 5

The dog was staring at the boy while he lowered the pail into the water. As the pail got lower he was wishing that he was ice skating with his friends.
It was early and there was still dung in the horse's hay, so the boy knew he had to do his morning chores before he could play. “Thomas Winston!” his mom called. “Where’s that pail of water I asked for?” Thomas scrambled home with the pail of water and delivered it to his mother. “Off to the stables young man!” demanded his mother. As Thomas started brushing the horses he could hear his friends playing off in the distance. This made Thomas brush faster. Dung filled the buckets and fresh hay filled the stables.
“Thomas come and let me finish teaching you your latin alphabet!” “Ok.” answered Thomas. Off Thomas went, back to the house. An hour later, Thomas was free to be a regular 11 year old boy. He grabbed a piece of bread and bolted out the door, to go find his friends’.
Thomas sprinted to him and his friends secret fort where they meet to find each other. When Thomas got to the fort, his friends were waiting there for him. The boys put on their skates that were made out of bones. They quickly got on their ice skates and raced from the fort all the way to the frozen pond to ice    skate. As Thomas was ice skating he still had the vivid memory of him falling through the frozen ice just a few years ago. They played tag games and racing games on the ice. The boys took off their ice skates and started looking for cherry stones to play games with. They ended up finding tons of cherry stones. With the cherry stones the boys started to skip them at the lake close to the frozen pond.
While Thomas was skipping stones he noticed some supplies to build a fishing pole. So he brought all the supplies to his father so they could build a fishing pole. His father showed Thomas step by step what to do and how to do it. Thomas was very happy that he got to make his very own fishing pole. While intently his father was showing him how to build a fishing pole his friends were watching so they could attempt one of their own.
When the boys finished building their fishing pole, they went to go dig for some worms in the sand. They went to go find a stick to dig with, and found a pail to put their worms (bait) in. Thomas’
father helped them put the worm on the wooden hook. They all threw their pole in the water and waited, and waited, and waited, until Thomas’ pole moved up and down until he pulled it out. “Wow!” exclaimed Thomas “I caught my very own fish.” Thomas couldn’t wait until he could tell his mother.
As Thomas started to head back home he realized that he had to find his horse stick that he rides on. He wanted to show his friends. While he was modeling his stick horse he realized that he was supposed to be home for supper (lunch). Thomas sprinted home with his horse stick and quickly opened the door. Unfortunately his mother and father were standing in front of him when he walked in. “Thomas Jack Winston” said his mother you are terribly late for supper. After Thomas ate his beans, bread, and peas his cheek still hurt from the lashing he got from his mother after being late. Thomas was about to step out of the house to go find his friends just as his mother came in and said “Not so fast, Mr! I still need to teach you your church prayers.” announced his mother. “Ok.”answered Thomas. His mother started announcing different prayers that Thomas needed to learn. When she finished telling him the prayers Thomas started to memorizing them.
“Ok, Thomas you may go play with your friends but I want you back at at 3:30 sharp this time. Got it?” said his mother. “Got it.” answered Thomas. He grabbed his clay horse and bolted out the door to find his friends. When Thomas found his friends they were at their neighbor's house when Thomas walked in he was amazed because they had a fireplace Thomas knew that they were rich people. He has always wanted a fireplace because his house never owned one. He looked into the sink and there was a strange hole in it. Apparently it was called a garbage disposall; Thomas had never heard of such thing. When Thomas saw the time it was 3:27 he dashed out the door back to his house. When he opened the door his mom was standing there he thought he was late but then.. “Good job Thomas, you got home on time.” praised his mom. “You don’t get to do anymore school work today.” “Cool!” announced Thomas. All Thomas had wanted was to not have to do his school work twenty four seven. He just wanted to be like everyone else and get to hang out with his friends. He finally got to do that for the rest of the day. For tomorrow could be a different story.

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