Monday, October 12, 2015

Fun land of summer things (show not tell 2)

   Fun land of summer things                    Emma Kawaoka 
                                                              Period 5

               Zoe jumped on the trampoline and BOING off I went into space, and my mouth was open wide while I started screaming my head off. While I was in space I saw the Milky Way so I tried to move my arms back and forth over and over but I ended up not getting any were so I just floated upside down on my back. At the Milky Way I swirled right and left so much that when I was away from the Milky Way I was still doing swirls. When I started coming down I felt like I was flying. I did five front flips and three back flips and already my head started to feel like a very loopy roller coaster. When I could finally squish the trampoline with my fingers I did a sizer kick which is were I do the splits on to the trampoline and landed in the splits with my arms in the air and a smile on my face. When I came down I bounced really hard so hard that Zoe got launched.
              The next day I got the hose and made the trampoline as wet as your little brother getting wet with water. I started jumping and the water splashed up like waves. Zoe jumped and she launched me so that I slipped and fell so that my butt was so wet that you think I wet my pants badly. I tried to get up but I felt like I was on ice and I didn't have ice skates on. As I stepped to get up I just keep slipping. I got the hose and brought it into the trampoline so that it looks like a elephant sticking his trunk into the trampoline and spraying water. I turned the hose on so that we could jump over the hose. The hole was to not get sprayed or touched be the hoes. It was like a snake. 

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