Monday, October 26, 2015

field trip

Bigger than a Bread Box               10/26/15
By Larel Snyder     

                        I predict that Becca is going to go on the school field trip. I think this because her teacher said that the whole school will be watching a play played by seventh graders. Becca wasn't sure if she wanted to go because the bus ride is two hours long and Becca gets car sick and she doesn't want to get embarrass. But if we she doesn't go then these girls at becca's school will make fun of her. But she went to her doctor and he gave her some motion sick pills so she can go to the field trip. I think that Becca should go to the field trip because she has a chance because she got the pills. The new ending would be that Becca goes and she doesn't get teased. 

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