Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bigger than a Bread Box

      Bigger than a Bread Box 9/28/15

Im confused on why Becca wants to be a different person then she already is.  I ask Laurel Snyder  these questions. Why do you choose to have Becca find the bread box?   Why did you choose to make Becca mad at her mom?  Why does Becca want to be like all the other girls at her new school?  Why does Becca not want to give her mom a present?  Why did Becca's mom not let her say good by to Merry Kate? Why did u choose to make Becca's parents to get devorced? How did you come up with the magic box? Why does Becca like her dad more than her mom? Why did u choose for the family to live with Becca's grandma?

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